Quilting with Sandi


Lesson X 10-18 Bookcase Quilt


Two samples of bookcase quilts are shown here. This class will provide instructions for making a wall hanging or throw measuring approximately 44″ by 55″, similar to the illustration on the right. A scale diagram on graph paper will be found in Step 1. If a different size quilt is desired, it is recommended that a scale drawing be made on graph paper to determine the measurements required.

The project instructions as given are for a bookcase with 4 shelves: the height of the 2 upper shelves will measure 9″, while the height of the 2 lower shelves will be 10″ and 11″ respectively. The width of each shelf is planned for 38″.

This is a good project for using your fabric stash to make the “books” that will be displayed on the shelves. Most of the sewing involves straight seams and careful measuring. In addition to the “books”, other objects can be added to fill the shelves: a bowl, vase, picture frame, etc. can be appliqued in place.

Large Quilt

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