Quilting with Sandi



You might be wondering where the other lessons have gone. They have been archived in another place: Lessons I-VII. To save space and make things move a little faster, Quilting with Sandi was split into two sections, this newer one and the archived lessons site. Clean, huh? 🙂

As we’ve seen, quilting is not so difficult a project as one might think. With the proper tools, some general knowledge of sewing, and an appropriate pattern or design, a beginner’s quilt can be completed successfully. This series of lessons features projects of wall hanging or crib quilt size which showcase simple patchwork and/or applique.

Assembly of the design components can be done by hand or by machine. Use of a rotary cutter and cutting mat is recommended. Fabric should be 100% cotton, machine washed & dried prior to cutting.

Let’s get started on our latest project that features two interesting and challenging designs.

  • Lesson IX 01-18 Vintage 4-Patch and Floating Star
  • VIII Class 10-17 Sashed Half Hexi Quilt & Tube Quilt
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