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VI Class 10-16: Seminole

This project for intermediate quilters features Seminole piecing. Instructions will be given for making five different examples of Seminole piecing. The project will result in using the pieced bands and strips of plain fabric to make a throw-sized quilt/wall hanging approximately 45″x 60″. The pieced bands can also be used in other ways as the quilter desires, such as borders for another project or to accent a garment.

This class will include instructions for making 5 different pieced bands. Strips of plain or print fabric will then be added to the upper and lower edges of the bands to form assembly sets. After the desired arrangement of the assembly sets is determined, they are then sewn to the batting and backing by the “sew and flip” method, after which the side and top borders are added using the same technique. This results in a quilt which is similar to a “quilt-as-you-go” project.

The picture below shows design drawing for a Seminole quilt in which several examples of pieced bands are shown. It does not contain the same bands that will be presented in this class, but rather, it is shown to give a general idea of the features of a quilt made using these pieced bands.

Finished Quilt

For quick reference, these are the steps in this tutorial:

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