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I Class 01-14: Appliqued Heart

This project, designed for beginners, features simple patchwork and applique, with the 9″ blocks set off with sashing. Depending on the number of applique blocks included, the finished size of the quilt is either 40″ x 40″, suitable for a wall hanging, or 40″ x 52″, which makes a throw or crib quilt. The instructions given here show a heart applique, although a different simple applique design of choice may be substituted.

Materials needed to make the quilt top are listed. The figures in () are for the larger size quilt.
1 1/2 (2) yards print: blocks, borders and sashing
1/2 (3/4) yard Solid A: sashing
1/4 (1/4) yard Solid B: sashing
1/2 (1/2) yard lightweight fusible interfacing
assorted prints for patchwork: 16 (24) 5″ x 5″ squares
pattern for applique: heart or other simple design of your choice/ use tagboard or plastic

For quick reference, these are the steps in this tutorial:

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