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Step Six

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for Section 6, join the sections together as follows: Sew Sections 1 & 2. Place Section 1 to the left of Section 2. (Image 1)

Join Sections 3 & 4, placing Section 4 below Section 3. (Image 2)

Sew Section 5 to the left of the (3+4) unit. (Image 3)

Join the (1+2) unit above the rest of the assembly. (Image 4))

At this point borders can be added if desired. I added a narrow 1 1/2″ (3″) black border all around. An additional outer 3″ border may be added to the smaller quilt. The larger quilt calls for wider (6″) borders. (Image 5)

Your quilt top is done, so now measure, purchase batting and backing, and finish your Christmas Sampler Quilt. Enjoy!

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