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This Christmas Sampler Quilt was inspired by a pattern I saw in a magazine. It features simple patchwork, some paper-pieced blocks, and several feature areas for applique and/or more detailed patchwork designs.

The body of this quilt is made in five sections which are then sewn together. Measurements given are for finished sizes of each piece or block; be sure to add 1/4″ all around for seam allowance. Use the first set of measurements to make a small wall-hanging, approximately 31″ x 26″ with borders added. Use the measurements given in parentheses to make a larger quilt, approximately 50″ x 40″ without borders.

Three fabric choices were used as background (BG): a dark blue print for BG1, a lighter blue/silver dot print as BG2, and an off-white fabric with small gold stars for BG3.

The image below is the finished product.

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