Quilting with Sandi


X Step Three: Bookcase Quilt

SHOW AND TELL: Book units made so far: Horizontal stack/Vertical standing books

NOTE: If you plan to add any trims to the individual “Book” strips, do so before joining them together.
NOTE: The top two shelf spaces are planned for a height of 9”, the two lower shelves are planned for heights of 10” and 11” respectively. The width of each shelf space is planned for 38”. Consider these measurements as Book units are constructed.

LEANING BOOKS: Select 3 bookstrips, 2”, 1 ¾”, and 1 ½” wide and each one slightly shorter than the next. To each of these bookstrips, add a BG piece that is 4 ¾” long to the upper edge, and another BG piece 3 ¾” long to the lower edge.
Sew these 3 bookstrips together, with the middle and narrowest “book” having their bottom edge ½” lower than the strip to the left.
Cut a BG piece 7 ½” by 14”. Measure in 1” from the top left edge and 1”in from bottom right edge. Draw a line on this diagonal and cut.
Sew the prepared set of 3 bookstrips between the two BG pieces. Trim to desired size, with the lower tip of each book ¼” from the bottom of the trimmed edge, and the height of the piece as desired. ( about 9 ½”, or 10 ½”, or 11 ½” depending on which shelf it will occupy.)
To make a set of books that slant in the opposite direction, arrange the bookstrips accordingly and cut the rectangular BG piece to slant from top right to bottom left.

DISPLAY OBJECTS: Prepare appliqués of objects as desired – vase, bowl, jar, teapot, mug, cat, picture frame, etc. Do not sew items to book unit until arrangement for each shelf is finalized.

FILLING THE SHELVES: Arrange units of books as desired to fill the shelf space available. Trim units to size as needed. Plan for placement of display objects, adding BG fabric as needed to accommodate items. The photo below shows a possible arrangement of units for the top shelf. Bookstrips can be added as needed to produce the desired length (38 1/2″, which will finish to 38″.)

NEXT WEEK: Bring in Book units, display items, and completed shelves.

Top Shelf Layout

Slanted Layout-1
Slanted Layout-2
Slanted Layout-1
Slanted Layout-1