Quilting with Sandi


X Step Four Bookcase Quilt

SHOW AND TELL: Progress on book units and completed shelves
Plan the size of your quilt and the arrangement of the shelves. Add the triangular MC pieces if desired to the upper shelf and the piece of light fabric which forms the lowest part of the quilt top—see your diagram.
NOW: Two different game plans for the rest of the quilt: #1 is traditional method of construction; #2 is “Quilt as you go”

1) Sew book units together to form each horizontal shelf. Add bookstrips as needed/trim to width measurement of 38 ½”
2) Sew a 2 ½” strip of MC to lower edge of shelves 1, 2, &3, and a 3 ½” strip to lower edge of shelf #4.
3) Add the strip of the light colored fabric below shelf #4, to form the lower portion of the bookcase.
4) Sew the two side pieces of MC (3 ½” x 52 ½”) to the left and right sides of the shelves.
5) Add the upper MC piece (3 ½” x 44 ½”) to complete the quilt top.
6) Add/appliqué any display items in place as desired.
7) Purchase batting and backing material according to your measurements PLUS about 8-10” wider and longer. Spray baste batting to backing if desired.
8) Mark any quilting lines as needed on the quilt top.
9) Pin or baste the quilt top to the prepared batting/backing material.
10) Quilt away!!

Quilt as you go:

I’ve made a video demonstrating what I call the “Quilt as You Go, Row by Row” method. It’s about 17 minutes long and I take you through the process step by step. Click to Watch the Video.

1) Sew blocks together to form horizontal rows.
2) Measure width of the row AND add additional inches for the sides of the bookcase. (Total width should be about 44”)
3) Figure out length the quilt will be when the rows are joined AND add measurement for top of bookcase and the lower strip of light fabric. (Total length should be about 55”)
4) Purchase batting and backing according to your measurements PLUS about 8-10” wider & longer.
5) Cut batting and backing material to size; press backing material.
6) Spray baste the backing to batting.
7) Follow the steps in the video link above to use this method.

BRING FOR NEXT TIME: Progress on quilt top or rows, backing/batting